Commercial Connector

Commercial Connectors are vital components of the Concordium Ambassador Programme. Their role primarily involves creating strategic connections and nurturing relationships that synergize with Concordium's mission and objectives. They are entrusted with the task of identifying prospective partner organizations, understanding their needs, and aligning Concordium's value propositions to those needs. By cultivating mutually beneficial relationships, they contribute to the collective success of Concordium in the blockchain space.

Tracking ongoing projects is available using Kanbanflow. This board for tracking current tasks and projects that all Commercial Connectors are working on will help you collaborate on your work with other members, thereby allowing you to more effectively perform the responsibilities of the role. We will send an invitation to access the board to everyone who filled out the form and indicated the Commercial Connector role of interest.

Through proactive communication, detailed presentations, and continuous relationship management, they bridge Concordium with a wider network of organizations. In their capacity as Commercial Connectors, they not only extend the reach of the Concordium community but also deepen its impact. They serve as a critical nexus, seamlessly connecting Concordium with the expansive landscape of the Web3 ecosystem and beyond.

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