Community Advocate

Community Advocates serve as the harmonizing force within the Concordium Ambassador Programme. They are entrusted with the responsibility of creating and maintaining a welcoming, productive atmosphere within Concordium's official/unofficial community channels, including platforms such as Discord and Telegram. They serve as the guardians of these digital arenas, working diligently to ensure these spaces remain resourceful, engaging, and enjoyable for the diverse members of our global community. By effectively managing conversations in multiple languages, they facilitate a robust exchange of ideas while upholding the community standards. Community Advocates not only act as a bridge between Concordium and its community members, but also foster an environment of respect, cooperation, and mutual growth. Their efforts contribute significantly to shaping the collective Concordium experience, and their role is integral to the cohesion and vibrancy of our growing community. Learn more about the role in Community Moderator Guidebook.

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